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Shaker Heights Authors & History, December 2011

December 2011-January 2012 edition

The community of Shaker Heights enjoys a rich history and a wealth of local talent. In this newsletter we share new and significant works about Shaker Heights, as well as new and notable publications by our Shaker Authors.
The books featured in this newsletter are in Shaker Library's Local History Collection. While these copies do not circulate, usually other copies are available to be borrowed at the Shaker Library or from our CLEVNET consortium partner libraries. Click on the links below to check our library catalog.
Have a question or need research assistance? Contact Local History Librarian Meghan Hays at 216-367-3016 or . Her regular hours are posted on our website. Please visit the Local History Collection to read any of these works, and to learn more about Shaker Heights!
Shaker Author Events: James Wood, December 14 & Tres Roeder, January 11
Please join us for two Meet-the-Author events, which will be held in the David Dietz Community Room at the Shaker Heights Library's Bertram Woods Branch Library, 20600 Fayette Road, Shaker Heights, OH 44122:

Wednesday, December 14, 2011, 7-8:30pm

Meet Shaker Heights author James M. Wood , who will speak about his new book, Out and About with Winsor French . French was a newspaper columnist who dominated Cleveland's social scene from the 1930s to the 1960s. Wood is an award-winning journalist who has written several other books on Cleveland history, including Halle's: Memoirs of a Family Department Store ; One Hundred and Twenty Five , a history of the Cleveland Public Library; and Helen's Twentieth Century , a biography of Standard Oil Heiress Helen Teagle Clements.  All of these books are in the Shaker Author collection located in the Local History Collection of the Shaker Heights Public Library .

Reserve your place online or by calling 216-991-2421.


Wednesday, January 11, 2012, 7-8:30pm 

Meet Shaker Heights author Tres Roeder, who will speak about his new book, A Sixth Sense for Project Management.
Tres Roeder, PMP, is president and founder of Roeder Consulting, a project management consulting and training firm based in Cleveland, with offices in Boston and British Columbia. Roeder is a frequently requested speaker on project management and is regarded as a global expert in the field. In his book, A Sixth Sense for Project Management, Roeder details how to achieve project success by focusing on people.
Reserve your place online or by calling 216-991-2421.
Featured Shaker Authors: Albert & Helen Osterman Borowitz, parents of Andy
Andy Borowitz is nationally known to many, particularly those who follow the entertainment and comedy worlds. The 1976 Shaker Heights High School graduate's blog, The Borowitz Report, humorously skewers politicians and national events and has been published as The Borowitz Report: Big Book of Shockers. Borowitz is a frequent comedy news commentator on network and cable television, and often writes for the New Yorker magazine. His success in Hollywood began when he wrote the television series The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, which catapulted rap artist Will Smith into superstardom. Andy has written several books of comedy, including Who Moved My Soap?: The CEO's Guide to Surviving in Prison; Governor Arnold: A Photodiary of his First 100 Days in Office; and The Trillionaire Next Door: The Greedy Investor's Guide to Day Trading. Borowitz's most recent publication brings together his favorite humor pieces of the twentieth century: The 50 Funniest American Writers* *According to Andy Borowitz: An Anthology of Humor from Mark Twain to The Onion.

Fewer people know that Andy Borowitz's father and mother are also accomplished authors, though their areas of interest may not have informed their son's penchant for comedy.
Albert Borowitz , a retired partner of the international law firm Jones, Day, Reavis & Pogue in Cleveland, has written many true crime works, both fiction and nonfiction, as well as the history of his former employer, Jones, Day, Reavis & Pogue: The First Century . Helen Osterman Borowitz has published on French and Japanese art and its impact on literature. Helen and Albert collaborated on Pawnshop and Palaces: the  Fall and Rise  of the Campana Art Museum .
A few of Albert Borowitz and Helen Osterman Borowitz's many works are profiled below. The Local History Collection of the Shaker Heights Public Library has these books by all three Borowitzes, and more. Stop in to see where Andy gets his talent, and what the whole family has been doing lately!
Musical Mysteries: From Mozart to John Lennon - Albert Borowitz
Publisher: Kent State University Press
Check Library Catalog Pub Date: 01/01/2010
ISBN-13: 9781606350263
ISBN-10: 1606350269
Call Number: 780.0364 B73
This title offers an engrossing look at the interplay between crime and music. Crime has formed the basis of countless plots in music theater and opera. Several famous composers were murder victims or believed to be murdered, and one of the greatest Renaissance composers slaughtered his wife and her lover. In "Musical Mysteries", renowned true crime historian Albert Borowitz turns his attention to the long and complex history of music and crime.
Terrorism for Self-Glorification: The Herostratos Syndrome - Albert Borowitz
Publisher: Kent State University Press
Check Library Catalog Pub Date: 01/31/2005
ISBN-13: 9780873388184
ISBN-10: 0873388186
Call Number: 303.625 B73
Borowitz examines public acts of violence for self-glorification by recalling Herostratos, an ancient Greek who was executed for the crime of burning down the Temple of Artemis in Ephesus in 356 BC. Borowitz explores how the Herostratos Syndrome has pervaded literature throughout history, from Cicero to Twain, and applies the Herostratic lens to modern crimes including the destruction of the Mostar Bridge in Bosnia, the demolition of the giant Buddhas in Afghanistan, and the acts of the Unabomber in the United States, as well as the events of September 11, 2001.
Pawnshop and Palaces: the Fall and Rise of the Campana Art Museum - Helen Osterman Borowitz and Albert Borowitz
Publisher: Smithsonian Institution Press
Check Library Catalog Pub Date: 1991
ISBN-13: 9781560980100
ISBN-10: 1560980109
Call Number: 708.5 B78
This book explores the life and legacy of Giampietro Campana (1808-1880), an art collector whose family over generations had been entrusted with the Monte di Pieta, a papal states charitable trust and pawnbroker in Rome. Campana assembled one of the most magnificent 19th century collections of sculpture, maiolica, ceramics, coins, and terracotta reliefs still referred to as 'Campana reliefs.' In 1857, in a stunning reversal of fortune, Campana was arrested for embezzling from the papal charitable trust and was sentenced to twenty years in prison and a lifetime of disgrace and exile.
New and Notable Books by Shaker Authors
Hidden History of Cleveland - Christopher Busta-Peck
Publisher: History Press
Check Library Catalog Pub Date: 11/09/2011
ISBN-13: 9781609494391
ISBN-10: 1609494393
Call Number: 977.132 B98
Shaker Author Christopher Busta-Peck unearths the forgotten and long-lost tidbits of Cleveland's past in his new book, Hidden History of Cleveland. When he's not prowling about Cleveland snapping images with his camera or renovating his Shaker Heights home, Busta-Peck, a children's librarian and historic preservationist, writes a popular blog, "Cleveland Area History." His passionate stance in favor of restoration and preservation won national attention when he was interviewed on National Public Radio for his efforts to rescue the Langston Hughes home on East 86th Street from demolition.
Christopher will be joining us on February 21, 2012 to talk about his new book. Stay tuned!
Girl Wonder - Alexa Martin
Publisher: Hyperion
Check Library Catalog Pub Date: 05/03/2011
ISBN-13: 9781423121350
ISBN-10: 142312135X
After being turned away from her new school's gifted and talented program, Charlotte, a Washington State high school senior, begins to lose her self-confidence when she befriends a charismatic and brilliant student who offers her popularity at the cost of her self-esteem.
India Calling: An Intimate Portrait of a Nation's Remaking - Anand Giridharadas
Publisher: Times Books/Henry Holt and Co.
Check Library Catalog Pub Date: 01/04/2011
ISBN-13: 9780805091779
ISBN-10: 0805091777
Call Number: 954.053 G52
An American-born son of Indian parents describes his decision to revisit his family’s homeland and his observations on the populations and dilemmas of modern India, recounting the stories of individuals from all walks of life from industrialists and religious seekers to entrepreneurs and everyday families.
New and Notable Books about Shaker Heights
Delicious Memories: Recipes and Stories from the Chef Boyardee Family - Anna Boiardi, Stephanie Lyness and Ellen Silverman
Publisher: Stewart, Tabori & Chang
Check Library Catalog Pub Date: 05/01/2011
ISBN-13: 9781584799061
ISBN-10: 1584799064
Call Number: 641.5945 B67
Anna Boiardi, granddaughter of Shaker Heights resident Hector Boiardi (Chef Boyardee), provides historic photos and stories about her grandfather, as well as authentic Italian recipes that inspired the brand, including Ravioli With Ricotta and Squash Filling, Cotechino With Lentils, Baked Fennel With Butter and Parmesan and much more, in a book with fifty full-color photos.
Distinguished Homes of Shaker Heights: An Architectural Overview - Richard N. Campen
Publisher: West Summit Press
Check Library Catalog Pub Date: 1992, 1998
ISBN-13: 9780960135677
ISBN-10: 0960135677
Call Number: 728.0977132 C19
Long out of print, Distinguished Homes of Shaker Heights has been coveted by Shaker Heights residents and history buffs. A beautiful and informative historical overview of some of the main architects and architectural styles at work in the development of Shaker Heights, this book also provides a peek inside many of the city's most impressive examples of residential architecture.
In honor of the City's 2012 Centennial, author Richard N. Campen's grandson is authorizing a reprint of this important book. Book-seekers forced to haunt eBay for used copies that fetched well over one hundred dollars apiece will now be able to obtain a new copy of their very own. The Shaker Historical Society is currently taking pre-orders, and the book also will be for sale at several of the Shaker Heights Centennial events taking place thoughout 2012.
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